Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with your booking enquiry we’ve compiled a list of popular questions that we get asked most frequently. Of course, if you don’t find the answer to your question below then we are here to help you, please contact us:

Q. I wish to depart and return to a hotel in Geneva Centre. However, there is no option to provide this information on the enquiry form. What should I do?

A. Enter GVA HOTEL in the Departure/Arrival flight number field along with your requested collection time. For transport requests anywhere other than Geneva International Airport, we can only offer Private Transportation. There are also trains departing between Geneva Airport and Geneva Central Train Station approximately every 15 minutes at a cost of approximately €3.

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Q. We have completed the enquiry form along with the number of children travelling in our group. Do we need to bring our own child seats?

A. Child seats are provided free of charge for children according to the age group you enter in the enquiry form at the time of booking. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you are happy with the seat and that it is fitted properly before travelling.

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Q. On the enquiry form it requires a mobile phone number to be entered. However, I will have no access to a mobile phone whilst travelling. What should I do?

A. We require a mobile phone number so that we can SMS you on the evening prior to travel with your specific collection time and the drivers contact details. You will also be sent an email with the same information. If no mobile phone number is entered on the enquiry form then it is the clients responsibility to find their driver at the specified meeting point, as stated on the confirmation email. If you cannot find the driver, then it is the client’s responsibility to contact the number specified on the confirmation email or call the office on arrival at Geneva International Airport.

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Q. I have booked a Shared Transfer from Chamonix to Geneva International Airport. At what time will I be collected from my designated collection address?

A. An SMS will specify the time of your collection on the evening prior to your transfer. We aim to have you depart Chamonix approx 3hours 30minutes prior to your flight departure time. However, this collection time may vary slightly between 3 – 5 hours prior to your flight departure time due to multiple collections throughout the valley, traffic problems, weather conditions etc. If you book a Private Transfer, then you have the option to specify an approximate departure time that you require.

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Q. I wish to travel to and from a destination that is not available on the enquiry form. What should I do?

A. Click on the CONTACT US link where you will find an enquiry form to complete - input your travel requirement dates, times and destinations. Our office will deal with your request and provide options available to you within 24 hours or call the number also provided at the contact us page.

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Q. What is the difference between a Shared (Standard) Transfer and a Shared (Premium) Transfer?

A. Shared Premium Transfers run more frequently throughout the day and also during off peak hours (i.e. 04.00am to 22.30pm) and dates. Shared Premium Transfer bookings are also transferable and part refundable in comparison to Shared Standard Transfer bookings. With Shared Standard Transfer bookings, if you miss your designated transfer time, we cannot guarantee your arrival/departure from/to Geneva International Airport on that same day. You can also Compare Transfer Types for more details.

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