COVID-19: Health and Hygiene Policy

Health and Hygiene Policy - You are required to read this before travelling with us. 

In order to continue providing transfers from Chamonix to Geneva Airport we are required to adhere to strict hygiene policies in order to protect the health of our staff and customers. As a result we have chosen to adopt the following policies which we require all of our customers to read and adhere to. 

CVT Client Requirements

We can only offer private transfers. This is due to social distancing and is mandatory. 

  1. We require all passengers to bring their own masks and wear them in the van at all times.

  2. Clients must load / unload their own baggage into the back of the van.

  3. Clients may only use the rear 2 rows of seats, sitting in the front is prohibited.

  4. We provide hand sanitiser for all clients and require everyone to use it before entering the van and occasionally throughout the journey.

  5. All clients must make every effort to respect social distancing from the chauffeur.

Here at Chamonix Valley Transfers we understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and we want to ensure that we go above and beyond to ensure your safety. With this in mind, we have no choice but to refuse anyone who attempts to ignore or circumvent these regulations. In this circumstance we will not be offering a refund.

For clients who do not have a mask for the journey, if available CVT will supply them at a cost of €10 per mask. If no masks are available then entry into the van will be refused and no refund will be available.

What we require from our chauffeurs to protect your safety;

  1. Thorough rotating our staff - all chauffeurs have completed a minimum of 14 days in self-isolation before 11/05/2020.

  2. All staff are required to complete a rigorous and continuous cleaning regime which includes; sanitising the inside and outside door handles and all areas frequently touched by passengers, after which the chauffeur will wash and sanitise his/her own hands.

  3. All chauffeurs are required to have hand sanitiser with them and they are required to use it frequently.

  4. All chauffeurs must wear a face mask whilst working.

Many Thanks for travelling with CVT

Take care and stay safe

CVT Team